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Equipment and Sound

Dynacord Powermate 600 Sadly our friend and regular sound engineer John Perrin passed away 28 March 2008 at St Michaels Hospital, Enfield.

He is sadly missed by all the band members and will always be remembered by us and all who knew him Read more ....

Tom Moxon Stepping in to his shoes is a big undertaking and we are grateful to rhythm guitarist Ricks son Tom who has kindly been doing an excellent job whenever he can take time off from working as sound engineer for the BBC!

P.A. Equipment

Blue Cats P.A. Equipment is owned by lead singer RoXi and rhythm guitarist Rick Dynacord Powermate back view
600w Dynacord Powered Mixing Desk
300w Soundcraft Powered Mixing Desk
2 x Calsboro PM12 Powered Monitors
Wharfdale SPV-15 Speakers
Trantec Radio Mic & Shure SM58 Microphones
Small Lighting Rig
Covered by Public Liability Insurance