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(Frontwoman: Lead & Backing Vocals)

Roxi - Lead and Backing Vocals

A dynamic versatile and expressive vocalist, Roxi has appeared in venues throughout the UK, Europe and the USA as solo artist and frontwoman for a variety of duo's, trio's and bands including Don't Panic and Blulix. With appearances on Radio & TV, her powerful, versatile range and raunchy style has been likened to such artists as Janis Joplin, Etta James and Stevie Nicks. From the gruff growl sliding into mellow sexy tones through to stratospheric notes, Roxi was born to sing the blues!

Some Credits

1987 - 1990   Don't Panic - Lead Singer .. (2 tracks released on Lloyd George Killed My Father compilation).
1990   Winner of 'Greenwich Talent Contest' judged by Jools Holland, broadcast on ITV's ' 6 '0' Clock Show
1997   Host and co-producer of Roxi's New Band Show and Through the Night show on Town FM
1997   Ceaser the Geezer live show and jingle production, Capital Radio
1998   Lead vocalist with covers band Blulix
1999   Organiser & host for live music at Trent Park Balloon Festival
2001   Organiser & host for Waltham Abbey Battle of the Bands
2004   Presenter, Broofield Park Live Music Festival
2005   Joined the Blue Cats!
2006 - 2011   Regularly booked for Broomfield Park Sunday Sessions
2007   Author of Karaoke!
2010   Performances at Hilly Fields and the Lotus Festival.
2011   Released album 'RoXi and the Blue Cats'

Brief History

Starting from an early age with fellow dance class mates supporting Sooty, Sweep & Harry H. Corbett, Roxi spent her school years learning drama, music, guitar, songwriting and performing as a soloist in the choir. Since then Roxi has worked in every aspect of the music business from pre-production to publicity, voice overs to consultancy, but it is her versatile voice and dynamic performances that bring audiences back for more!

A car accident in 2001 meant an enforced break from the scene, before joining forces with the Blue Cats to write new material, brush up on some old favourite covers and perform a few select shows.

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3 x Shure SM58 Microphones + stands
Trantec Radio Microphone
2 x Calsboro PM12 100w Powered Monitor
Various Percussion (Tambourine, Shakers etc.,)
1 x 100w P.A. System (used for small solo gigs)
1 x 600w Dynatec Mixing Desk with 2 x Wharfdale Speakers (used for larger events)