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RoXi & the Blue Cats Merchandise

Support Roxi & the Blue Cats! Buy our new audio CD, MP3 Album and other merchandise!

Our first album and single are now available for purchase in either downloadable MP3 and audio CD format or can be purchased direct from the band via CD Baby, Amazon UK or the following outlets:

7Digital   Amazon UK   Amazon.com   CDBaby   Deezer   eMusic   GreatIndieMusic   iTunes
Last FM   Reverbnation   Rhapsody   Spotify   Tradebit   Verizon   Virgin Media

Other Band Members Merchandise

You can also hear members of the band on the following albums which can be purchased by clicking on the image or name:

Phil Plant performing with Woody Woodmanseys U-Boat

Label: Essential / Bronze
Catalogue Number: ESMCD895
Stompingly good rock album available on audio CD by Woody Woodmansey and his cohorts which includes Phil Plant on bass guitar. There is also an IMPORT version released on the Castle label in 2002, listen to sound clips of the tracks at Amazon

Phil Plant performing with Mike Heron's Reputation
Mike Heron's Reputation

Label: Original Album issued 1975 on Neighborhood Records (NBH 80637)
Cd released 1996 Unique Gravity Records
Catalogue Number: UGCD5606
Ex guitarist of the 'Incredible String Band', Mike Heron moved fronted his own rock band who recorded this album. (Webmaster's Note: Bass guitarist Phil Plant worked with this band for a while but not sure if he's on this album!)

Phil Plant performed on The Man Who Came To Earth
The Man Who Fell To Earth (DVD)

Catalogue Number: D038140
This cult classic film starring the inimitable David Bowie is now available on DVD in all it's glory, including the music on which bass guitarist Phil Plant can be heard!