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Rick Moxon
(Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)

Rick Moxon - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals

Local singer-songwriter Rick has been playing his own songs and acoustic blues in North London folk clubs, festivals and numerous pubs for several years. He has always loved electric blues and teamed up with the band as rhythm guitarist during it's first incarnation and has become a solid and valued member. He uses both acoustic and electric guitars during the set to match the vibe of the song and joins in on backing vocals where appropriate.

Some Credits

1999 Finchley Carnival, Finchley
2000 Acoustic Network (venues around London & Hertfordshire)
2002 The Big Green Gathering (all day festival), London Colney
2003 Chill on the Hill, Crouch Hill, London
2006 - 2010 RoXi & the Blue Cats

Some Venues

Barnet Folk Club, Finchley Art Depot


Seagull S6 Electroacoustic Guitar
Fender Strat Electric Guitar
Peavey Generation ESP custom Electric Guitar
Laney VC30 Guitar Amp
Peavey Special 112 Guitar Amp
Effects: Zoom Acoustic pedal