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Roxi & the Blue Cats
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only play blues orientated music?
We are comptetent musicians who have played all types of music in various bands over the years, but blues and music with a blues vibe is our passion, so this is what we prefer to play. Our set list consists of a mixture of covers and original songs, some of which are available on our CD.

What area are you based in? / Where do you play?
We are based in North London / Hertfordshire borders but play all over the country and internationally. We can accommodate your needs no matter where your event is located but prefer blues loving events, venues and festivals.

How long have RoXi and the Blue Cats been playing together?
The founder band members have been together since 2004 and gone through various other line ups before finding our lead guitarist Martin who has been with us over 2 years and Brian who joined us in the summer of 2010. All band members have worked for many years from intimate small clubs to major venues in a variety of formats including solo, duo, trio, bands and even orchestra's.

What extras are included when I book? (Lighting, PA, DJ etc)?
When booking, please provide a full list of your requirements so we may quote you accordingly. A standard event usually includes 2 x sets of songs, PA hire, and lighting.

How long will you play for?
Most clients book RoXi and the Blue Cats to play for the following set lengths:
1 x 45 Minutes
1 x 60 Minutes
2 x 45 Minutes
2 x 50 Minutes
2 x 60 Minutes
3 x 45 Minutes

But we can accommodate any duration you require within reason. Different prices apply to the different set lengths and depend on distance travelled plus whether we are required to provide P.A., backline, kit, lighting, sound engineer.

While setting up/inbetween sets/after the gig, can you play music from my MP3 / CD player?
We are happy to either play music you provide us with on any portable device that includes a mini headphone socket or can supply our own backing for before and in between sets. In some circumstances, we can also arrange for a solo acoustic artist to play in between sets (this will require an extra fee and depends on the artists availability).

Do you also offer a DJ option
Yes. If your venue has a late alcohol and entertainment license and you wish to continue to dance after the band has finished, we can arrange a DJ who will usually bring their own equipment. Please note: This service requires an extra fee.

How much does it cost to hire RoXi and the Blue Cats
Due to the many variables that can affect pricing such as peak dates, travel times, set times, finish times, equipment provision we are unable to give exact prices online. So please contact us here for a confirmed quote.

What amount of deposit do RoXi and the Blue Cats require?
We require a deposit of 35% to secure your booking. This can be paid by Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer or Paypal. The remaining fee is payable before or on the day of your event and prior to our performance once the equipment has been set up (if no equipment provided).

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
Unfortunately the deposit is none refundable under any circumstances. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the event the FULL fee is required. The band may have had to turn down other function work on the day of your event and may not then be able to fill the date again.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and PAT tested equipment?
Yes, we are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance and our equipment is Portable Appliance (PAT) Tested. Documentation is available upon request.

I am concerned that the younger generation may not enjoy the music?
We understand your concerns, but our set list is large and includes something for everyone with a range of old and modern songs that is tried, tested and well received with age 0-60+. Young and old already know and love some of these songs which are heard on television, films, adverts and radio. Whether you want a laid back old style blues 'listening' experience or an uptempo dance the night away vibe, we can provide it!

How much stage space do RoXi and the Blue Cats need to enable them to perform?
We do not require a raised stage, although it is preferred and a although we can accommodate smaller areas if necessary, will ideally need a minimum of at least 7 meters width by 6 meters depth.

How long does it take the band to set up before they perform?
Please allow at least 2 hours for the band to set up the equipment and sound check.

What amenities will the venue need to enable RoXi and the Blue Cats to play?
We require at least 4 independent 13 amp sockets near the stage. Somewhere for RoXi to get changed into her "Stage Wear". (Not a public toilet). Parking spaces for 3 cars and one large van. (Festival and outdoor events note that RoXi has her own camper van where she can prepare, but this MUST be placed close to the stage or stage entrance).

Our venue is some distance away or located abroad will you require accommodation and what type?
If we are required to travel long distance or outside the UK, band members may require accommodation for the length of their stay. This may be as simple as mobile caravan, bed & breakfast or hotel rooms. We will be happy to discuss options further when quoting for your booking.

How long a break will the band need to take between performing sets?
RoXi and the Blue Cats require a minimum of 15 - 20 minutes break between sets. This can be extended to suit your requirements.

What time will RoXi and the Blue Cats arrive at my event?
We usually arrive between 1-2 hours prior to the event starts to allow time to set up equipment and sound check. If you require other arrangements, this may incur and additional payment.

Will RoXi and the Blue Cats require refreshments / rider?
As the band members often leave early and do not return home until the early hours of the following day, we request that the band is provided with food and soft drinks while at your event. Tea, coffee, bottled water, buffet type food or fresh fruit will be adequate although a light warm meal during the colder months would be welcome.

How many members are there in the band?
RoXi and the Blue Cats consist of a female lead vocalist, a male lead guitarist, a male rhythm guitarist with lead/backing vocals, a bass player with backing vocals and a male drummer. We also like to include our own qualified Sound Engineer and/or a Roadie but this is dependent on availability and type of event. All members are proud to play and sing live, as competant professional musicians, we do not need to use backing tracks or vocal auto tuners, just standard effects (e.g., reverb, echo, chorus).

Can you play OUR special song for the First Dance for our Event / Festival / Wedding Reception?
Yes. We would be happy to learn any blues orientated song of your choice and specialise in writing songs for particular events (our new single Lotus Elise Blues was written for our Lotus Festival appearance in 2010). Please note: We require at least 2-3 months time between booking and the event date to give the band enough time to learn or write the song to a professional standard.

Our venue has a noise limiter installed. Does your drummer have an electronic drum kit?
Yes, we can perform with an electronic drum kit, however, our drummer is not heavy handed and prefers to use a standard drum kit. We do not believe that volume = good music, but RoXi has a powerful voice that has been known to trip noise limiters even without a microphone so we prefer not to perform in venues who are so limited.

What style of clothing will the band wear while performing?
The male Blue Cats will be dressed in appropriate smart casual wear (jeans, trousers, shirts or t-shirts). RoXi has her own unique style as can be seen in our photo gallery.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?
To ask a question or book RoXi and the Blue Cats please use the contact form.