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RoXi and the Blue Cats News

January 2017

Finally remembered to update the news section! In fact, most of the site has been updated, various links and banners have been removed or revamped to comply with the transfer from http to ssl (https). Let us know if you find anything broken on the site so we can fix it. To keep up with the latest band news, Follow RoXi and the Blue Cats on FaceBook.

March 2014

Apologies to all for the lack of news updates! Other pages were updated but completely forgot about this one, my bad!!

Things have been pretty hectic since the last news update in 2011 with lots of lovely radio stations and hosts spinning tracks from our album - see the Radio page for lists and links!

On a sad note, two band members lost family members in 2011/12 and we have also had health issues in the band which limited our ability to gig, but we had a great new start with our first gig of the year at St Harmonicas and are looking forward to doing more this year.

October 2011

Honored to be included in the wall to wall 24/7 blues fest that is Blues "N Boogie station with DJ Hamr from 6th October 2011 ... tune in NOW or visito the Radio Airplay section and click on the live365 player to listen.

Thrilled that our DJ Kev Beale will be playing tracks from our album in his Blues Across The Marsh programme on RomneyMarsh 87.8 FM this Friday 7th Oct from 7-9PM (GMT) - tune in or listen online at www.romneymarsh.fm based in New Romney, Kent, UK. The program is syndicated and will be repeated on other stations... see full details of this on our Radio Airplay section!

Excited that Bluesletter Kim will be playing another track from our album in amongst the superb selections of wonderful blues chanteurs in the Women In Music program 7 - 9pm PST (3 - 5am GMT) at KRVM Radio 91.9 / 88.5 / 92.1 / 90.1 108 mg FM based in Eugene, OR USA. If you live outside the area, visit www.krvm.org and click the 'LISTEN ONLINE' button in the right hand column to hear the program streaming in real time.

September 2011

Excited that Bluesletter Kim will be playing tracks from our album in the Women In Music program 7 - 9pm PST (3 - 5am GMT) at KRVM Radio 91.9 / 88.5 / 92.1 / 90.1 108 mg FM based in Eugene, OR USA. If you live outside the area, visit www.krvm.org and click the 'LISTEN ONLINE' button in the right hand column to hear the program streaming in real time.

We are excited to announce that we are shooting up the Reverbnation charts and receiving some airplay .. see the new Radio Airplay section!

August 2011
We are thrilled to announce that our debut single Lotus Elise and the album RoXi & the Blue Cats are both now available for purchase. The single is a digital download release only but the album can be purchased as either a digital download or as an audio CD from the band or via CD Baby, Reverbnation, iTunes etc. via our Shop.

A FREE downloadable album sampler single is available on our Music page or via Soundcloud. DJ's and radio station producers may also review and download the album tracks FREE via RoXi and the Blue Cats at Airplay Direct.

June 2011
The suspense is killing us but the album is nearly ready for release - the hold up has been due to the licensing of some cover songs as this release is a mixture of both original and covers. It has been nail biting stuff trying to select material as we have more than enough original material for a double album but wanted to provide a more eclectic mix to cater to booking agents as well as our friends and fans. The track list is now available on our Music page where sample tracks will be placed when the album is released in August 2011.

March 2011
We had a fantastic day at the recording studio, apparently breaking the record for number of tracks recorded in one day - a total of 9!! We are not allowed to divulge the name or location of the studio, however, we did manage to take a few photographs while setting up which are now available in the photo gallery Watch this space for news of the album release!!

Feb 2011
Wow it has been a long time since updating the news page! We have been working hard with our new drummer Brian writing songs and performing at various events last year. We finally have a firm date for laying down some tracks for the album in the studio at the beginning of March so watch this space!

June 2010
Apologies for the lack of updates but things have been somewhat hectic with drummer Mick Miller having to pull out of the band due to ill health!

We are pleased to say that Brian Johnson has stepped into the breach and our first gig with the new line up at the Lotus Festival was a resounding success! We all had a blast at the event and would like to thank sponsor Peter Trott of Top Oils, organisers Bert & Julie, Gary at the restaurant for the grub, and everyone at SELOC for making us feel so welcome! Needless to say that the change in drummer meant that we have been unable to get into the studio to record the album but we hope to do so sometime in the next couple of months.

Don't forget you can keep up with us on Blue Cats Grouply Newsletter or join us on Facebook

March 2010
We were overwhelmed by the amount of responses to our ad for a new drummer, thanks to all who replied!

Those selected for auditions were all equally superb which made it a difficult choice. Any one of them would have fitted in to the slot but we are pleased to announce new band member Mick Miller who has played with a variety of names and with bands including The Chevrons and Grapevine Blues Band.

January 2010
Since our new guitarist Martin Ellins joined the band last year, our focus has been less on live gigs as we have been working hard on writing new original songs as well as adding new cover songs to the set. Those of you who have been waiting for the album release will be pleased to hear that it should be available sometime in May/June 2010. The debut album will include a selection of both covers and original tracks written by various members of the band.

I have had very little time to update the site since Martin joined so apologies for the lack of updates but hope to get some of the photos from last year online sometime soon and if I can figure out how to edit the videos will attempt to put a snippet from one of the shows!

July 2009
A lot has happened over the past year, not the least of which has been the decision to remove the Joomla based script that made up our community. Whilst we appreciate all genuine members who signed up to receive news, we have had little time to maintain the script and it has become a target for spammers so had to go!

The community page and other sections are now back to static html pages until we have time to implement and maintain something more suitable. A new contact form has been installed and the site design has been brought up to xhtml valid.

April 2009
The search for a new lead guitarist is finally over! Thanks go to Angela (wife of X-Blulix member Dave Brown) who recommended friend and associate Martin Ellins who teaches guitar at various schools in the borough of Enfield and surrounding areas.

Needless to say he has been working hard learning our set and has already made an impact on the presentation of some of the songs! No doubt our regular fans will notice the difference at our next gig in August, but please don't blame him for what may appear to be mistakes in the arrangements - some are deliberate!!!

March 2009
It has been a year since our friend and sound engineer John Perrin passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. We all miss his presence and experience at our rehearsals and gigs. He remains in our hearts and memories.