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John Perrin
(Sound / Lighting Engineer)
Rest In Peace

John Perrin - Sound Engineer

Sadly John passed away 28 March 2008 at St Michaels Hospital, Enfield.

An essential member of the band who will be hard to replace, John was more than just a sound engineer for the band, he was also a friend and advisor. His experience and understanding of music in all it's various genres and stories of life on the road were always educational and entertaining.

His live sound and lighting talents were employed by many 'Great' names in the business as part of Liquid Len & the Lensmen crew, including: Hawkwind, Motorhead, Peter Gabriel, Chaz n Dave, Madonna and many more. Years of touring along with a stint as house engineer for the well respected 'Camden Palace' in London made him into a master of the craft.

He left the touring behind after a heart attack, but his love of live music soon saw him frequenting local venues with DJ friend Bear who introduced him to our local voluntary group the Electric Blues Club where he took charge of the sound and became a committee member.

Roxi: When I joined the Blue Cats ... John came along and took an interest in the band, offering his technical services whenever he could. Whether battling to get a decent sound in a tiny schoolroom where we rehearsed or pondering the mix in the room at a gig... he could always be relied on to calmly get on and do the job well, regardless of the diva antics onstage (how did he put up with me?!). His humour, kindness and wealth of expertise will be sadly missed by all the band and impossible to replace.

Rock On John!!
RoXi, Rick, Steve, Phil & Stuart

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