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Philip Plant
Bass Guitarist / Songwriter

Phil Plant - Bass Guitarist pictured here with band mates from Woody Woodmanseys U-Boat used with permission from Hilco Arendshorst
Phil Plant (bass guitar)
Woody Woodmanseys U-Boat
(Photo supplied by
Classic Rock Photo's by Hilco Arendshorst)

Master of the Bass Guitar Phil Plant has spent his life playing professionally with a number of bands and was signed to various labels. With a wealth of touring under his belt, he has returned from a long needed break to wow the audiences again with his unique and solid style.

Some Credits

1960's   Rainbow Train, The George Warren Band, Spirit Level

1970   Recorded album with Poppa Ben Hook and performed with the band at a variety of festivals

1972   Recorded on Come To The Edge by Stomu Yamashta (4-track LP on the pink 'i' Island label recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London on 10th January 1972

1973   Stomu Yamash'ta's The Red Buddha Theatre (bass player on tracks 3 & 5) The Man From The East (Island Records). Broadcast on ORTF TV (France).

1970's   Aztec, Mike Heron's Reputation & Ginger Johnson's African Drummers

1976   Played Bass Guitar on the soundtrack to 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' starring David Bowie.

1976   Joined 'Woody' Woodmansey's U-Boat (ex David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust 'Spiders from Mars'). Performed at The Rainbow and appeared at the Reading Festival.

1977   Signed by Bronze Records, Released single 'Star Machine' and U-Boat album

1977   Supported Uriah Heep on the Firefly Tour

1987   Screen Idols

1980's   Kiowa

1990's   Limpin' Whippet & I.C.3

2006 to date: RoXi & the Blue Cats

Some Venues

The Marquee Club where U-Boat played on 9th September 1976

Plumpton Festival with Poppa Ben Hook. (if unavailable click here).

Poppa Ben Hook taken at the 1971 Free Festival by Alan (Fred) Pipes.

Brief History

A versatile musician, bassist Phil is equally competant as a guitarist and songwriter. In 1976 he joined rock band U-Boat formed by ex Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars drummer Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey and started recording. U-Boat released one album of the same name at Bronze records in 1977 which has subsequently been re-released on CD.


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