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Mick Miller
(Drums and Percussion)

Mick - Drums

After the overwhelming response to our ad for a drummer we are pleased to welcome Mick Miller into the band.

We had a lot of laughs and great rehearsals with Mick who sadly left due to illness. We are pleased he has since recovered and found a new band!

Some Credits

* 1997 - 1998 Grapevine Blues Band of which he was a founding member
* 1999 - 2009 The Chevrons
* 1999 - ? Deep Purple Tribute Band

Brief History

Played, toured and recorded with various pro and semi pro bands over the years, including The Chevrons on the album Get Up and Dance

(More Info Soon!)


Mick has played on and off over the years with The Chevron's who have a few video's at YouTube with him on drums .. they were a great band too before they disbanded in August 2009!

She's So Rude (recording).
I'd Rather Go Blind & The Only Thing I Want live at The Rising Sun, Slough, April 2008
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay at The Puzzle Pub in Fulham, London 2007


DW Drum workshop and Ludwig 400 snare feature double bass pedals