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Brian Johnson
(Drums and Percussion)

Brian - Drums

We are thrilled to welcome drummer Brian Johnson into the band. His wealth of experience includes everything from teaching students for schools, colleges and universities, to arranging and playing every imaginable style of music in live and recording environments.

Brian is a familiar face amongst the Jazz crowd but is equally at home with the blues and with the rock n roll band Highly Strung who are regulars at the prestigious Hertford Music Festival.

He has always been a stalwart supporter of live music, happiest when playing drums regardless of whether it is at a cozy jam night, performing with one of the bands he regularly plays with or recording a studio track with a full orchestra.

Some Credits

2009 to date - RoXi & the Blue Cats
2008 to date - Highly Strung (popular rock n roll band)

Recorded with Frankie Vaughan
* More Info Available Soon!

Brief History

Played, deputised and recording sessions with various pro and semi pro bands, orchestras and artists of all styles and genres over the years including supporting major artists from Jimi Hendrix to Susan Boyle!

He also served for many years on the North London branch of the Musicians Union, campaigning for musicians rights and promoting live music.

(More Info Soon!)


Drum Kit