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Roxi & the Blue Cats Photo Gallery

We had a great time at the recording studio and put down 9 tracks in one day which kept our sound engineer Tom on his toes during the session! We are not allowed to divulge the studio name or location, however, we can say it is somewhere in London that has recorded many famous artists and bands of all genres so we felt very honoured to be able to perform there.

We were on a tight schedule, arriving at 10 am to set up the equipment and sound check which took until lunch, after which we got down to business. All 9 tracks were recorded live in one or two takes and were mixed down in 2 hours which is apparently a record for the studio who stated that the maximum songs any act had managed in the past was 5 with the average being 2!

Many of the songs will be available on our forthcoming album which you may preview in the RoXi & the Blue Cats Music Page and purchase from the Shop when available. Hover your mouse over the image for a description or click on a picture to view larger image.

Recording Studio - March 2011

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